Central Outreach & Advocacy Center

Central Outreach & Advocacy Center


Compelled by faith in Jesus Christ and God's call to do justice, Central Outreach & Advocacy Center works in partnership with individuals and families to assist them in avoiding or recovering from homelessness and to advocate on their behalf.


Central Outreach & Advocacy Center seeks to be a passionate and well-respected voice in the community on behalf of the homeless and is committed to collaborating with area service providers to significantly reduce the risk and prevalence of homelessness in Atlanta. Rooted in Central Presbyterian Church's long history of responding to neighbors in great need, Central OAC was incorporated in 1997 as an independent nonprofit with a separate board and a broader base of public support. Its mission remains true to the congregation's heritage of compassion, hospitality and respect for the dignity of each person. Each year, Central OAC helps more than 8,000 people overcome their barriers to stability and self-sufficiency.

Unique Opportunities for Ministry

Serving the homeless and near-homeless population of Atlanta.

Site NameCentral Outreach and Advocacy Center
Location TypeUrban
Membership SizeWorship attendance is five to 15 people
Worship TimesWeekly chapel service on Mondays
Distance from CandlerApproximately six miles
Accessible to persons with disabilities?Yes
Acessible via public transportation?Yes
Can women be ordained?Yes
What role do women play in leadership?Women are active in all areas of leadership

Weekly Schedule

  • Monday to Friday:

    • 9 am - 12:30 pm
  • Wednesday:

    • 2 - 4 pm

Central OAC opens its doors each weekday to serve men, women and children who are homeless or near-homeless. One-on-one, the center offers crisis assistance that meets the basic needs of the guests. The center also provides innovative, transformative programs that help its guests overcome barriers to stable income and a permanent place to live.

Five Areas of Ministry

Administration: A Candler student can attend a Board meeting, attend staff meetings, work with the Director of Finance about budgets and goals can be set with the supervisor to best fit the student's learning edges.

Liturgy (Worship and Preaching): A student will have the opportunity to lead and preach at the chapel service that is offered each week for the guests. Additionally the student can attend worship services at Central Presbyterian Church and reflect on the relationship between the church and the Outreach Center. Goals can be set with the supervisor and student to best fit the student's learning edges.

Mission and Outreach: The student will have daily one on one contact with our guests who are experiencing homelessness and visit partner agencies.

Pastoral Calling and Congregational Care: Students will serve as a pastoral presence in the lobby where our guests wait as well as develop longer term relationships with the guests and pray with guests.

Teaching: A student could take part in the weekly Bible study and have the opportunity to lead it.

Central Outreach and Advocacy Center
Executive Director Kimberly Parker
201 Washington St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404.601.3149

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