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Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) offers Candler students an opportunity to receive credit for pastoral care and counseling work completed through the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). CPE programs are most often located in hospitals, clinics and community agencies, and the program has a concentrated focus on pastoral care, counseling and relational skills development.

Students participating in CPE develop:

  • Skills and preparation for parish, chaplaincy, lay ministry, teaching or counseling.
  • Critical thinking toward vocational options and identifying gifts for service.


Chaplaincy Summer Internship Program

The Candler Summer Chaplaincy Internship Program is designed to support Candler students who are pursuing a Chaplaincy Concentration complete an introductory unit of CPE or gain chaplaincy experience in a wide variety of contexts and settings.

Chaplaincy Internship Application 2020

  • Students apply directly to the site where they would like to do CPE.
  • Some faith traditions (e.g., Anglican, particular UM Conferences) require CPE for ordination. In those cases, students are responsible for determining and fulfilling these requirements.
  • Students may earn up to six hours of elective credit towards the MDiv degree.
  • International students who qualify for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) may enroll in CPE. For more information, contact the Contextual Education Handbook and the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). International students must receive authorization before beginning CPE.

Interested in learning more about CPE and Chaplaincy? Check out video from the following events:
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Conversations on Chaplaincy: Spiritual Care in Public Spaces, November 8, 2017 — Panel Discussion
Conversations on Chaplaincy: Spiritual Care in Public Spaces, November 8, 2017 — Question & Answer

Certified CPE sites are located across the country and can be found by searching the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) website. There are several certified CPE Centers in the metro Atlanta area, including programs in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and community-based agencies.

CPE Opportunities: Georgia

Atlanta VA Medical Center CPE Program Information 

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center (Augusta)

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (Egleston and Scottish Rite locations)  CPE Program Information

Institute for Spiritual Health and Wellness (Chris180) 

Gwinnett Medical Center (apply through Chris180

Northside Hospital (apply through Chris180 CPE Program Information

Grady Health System

Memorial Health (Savannah)

Northeast Georgia Health System - CPE Program Information


Spiritual Health at Emory Healthcare — Apply Now!

          Emory University Hospital

          Emory University Hospital Midtown

          Emory Johns Creek Hospital

          Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

          Southern Regional Medical Center 

          Wesley Woods Medical Center 

          Emory Counseling and Consultation

          Emory Orthopedic and Spine Hospital

St. Francis Hospital  (Columbus) 

Training & Counseling Center at St. Luke's-TACC 

          Atlanta Medical Center & Kennestnone Hospital - FALL 2020 INFO

          Crossroads Community Ministries

          Central Outreach and Advocacy Center (OAC)

          Church of the Holy Comforter

          Church of the Common Ground (CCG)

          Emmaus House

          Trinity House/Big Bethel

Other CPE Centers: 

Centered Life (Boulder, CO)

Community Hospice (Jacksonville, FL) — CPE Program Information

Greenville Heath System— CPE Program Information

Mayo School of Health Sciences — CPE Program Information

Roper St. Francis Hopstial (Charleston, SC) - CPE Program Information

UCLA Health (Los Angeles, CA)

Urban CPE Consortium (Chicago, IL)

Vidant Medical Center (Greenville, NC) 

Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA)  CPE Program Information

Yale-New Haven Hospital (New Haven, CT)

NOTE: This is a partial list of CPE Centers where Candler students have completed CPE units. For a full list of all accredited CPE sites, visit the ACPE website.

Candler students are eligible for elective credit for completing CPE. Academic credit, ranging from one to six hours for basic CPE, is only granted for work in ACPE certified sites. Up to three academic credits are awarded for a half unit of CPE and up to six academic credits for the successful completion of one unit of CPE.

Candler students may apply for elective credit for CPE through the Contextual Education office. Non-Candler students wishing to apply for a CPE placement should contact the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education.

How to earn elective credit for CPE

Students may earn academic credit through Candler by completing the following steps. (Note: If you do not want academic credit, these steps are unnecessary, but you will still need to apply to and interview with the CPE site.)

1. Identify a certified CPE center and apply to the CPE supervisor at that site.

2. Make an appointment with a representative of that site to arrange an interview.

3. Complete the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education's application for CPE.

4. Once the interview is complete and you have been accepted at that site, submit Candler's CPE Registration Form.

5. The Office of Contextual Education will review your submission and forward your request to the Candler Registrar. Allow time for your course registration to appear on your Opus account.

6. Once you have completed the CPE experience, your CPE supervisor will confirm the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade, and will submit a copy of your CPE final evaluation to the Contextual Education office.

Note: Some Spring CPE placements do not conclude until after Emory’s commencement. Spring graduates who plan to enroll in CPE for academic credit in their final semester must consult with the Contextual Education Office early in their planning process to determine whether CPE enrollment will prevent them from full participation in commencement.

Students are responsible for paying fees to the CPE site as assessed by the site and according to the terms and policies established by the CPE program. Candler is not responsible for any expenses you incur.

If you enroll in CPE in the summer for academic credit, you may apply your CPE elective credits (up to six academic credits) towards the fall semester and not pay summer school tuition if the CPE program overlaps with Candler's August term.

"CPE, while immensely challenging, is incredibly rewarding. Through our experiences in this context, we are able to experience God's divinity in the most painful experiences as we reflect on our own lives and how God is using us to plant seeds of hope for others."
-Taylor Bean, MDiv '16
"The CPE process molded me in being a chaplain by showing up and being present. It taught me about me. I don't want to give it away, but it's all about presence. As I was present to myself I was present to God. This is a life changing experience. You will not be the same."
-Rocky Major, MDiv '18