Certificate in Black Church Studies

Candler students who desire to expand their knowledge of the black church may earn a certificate in black church studies in conjunction with the Master of Divinity (MDiv) or Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree programs. The Black Church Studies (BCS) certification process provides an opportunity to develop theoretical and practical knowledge about black religion and black church studies.

Certification requirements include participation in BCS504, Black Church Studies Retreat (no credit) at least once; completion of a BCS505, Black Church Studies Portfolio (no credit), and completion of seventeen hours of course credit— made up of BCS501, Introduction to Black Church Studies (3 hours); Contextual Education II, in an approved ecclesial setting (4 hours) or other contextual experience taken for credit and simultaneously; BCS500, Black Church Studies Reflection Seminar (no credit, must register both fall and spring semesters of Con Ed II); BCS502, Black Church Studies Colloquy, in the final semester (1 hour, graded S/U); and nine additional hours in approved BCS course work. Additional details about the BCS Certificate including an updated list of approved courses is available online at http://www.candler.emory.edu/ACADEMIC/BCSP/requirements.cfm.

To participate in the program, interested students must submit an Application for Certificate Enrollment Form to the Candler Registrar. For further information, contact Teresa Fry Brown, director, at 404.727.4180 or teresa.brown@emory.edu.

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