Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

This calendar is internal to faculty, staff and students of Candler School of Theology and may vary from other Emory University calendars. All dates are subject to change.

Holidays are listed on the academic calendar. Course syllabi provided on the first day of class will include the schedule for that class around holidays. 

Contact us with any questions. 

DateEvent or Deadline
8.13 - 8.24.18August Term classes*
8.13.18Last day to drop or change grading basis for an August-term course
8.21.18Candler and Emory orientation for new international students (tentative)
8.22 - 8.24.18Candler orientation for all new students (tentative)
8.24.18Last day to withdraw from an August-term course
8.28.18Required pre-term events for new MDiv students (advising and Contextual Education introductions)(tentative)
8.29.18First day of classes
8.30.18Fall Convocation
9.3.18Labor Day holiday (no classes)
9.5.18Last day to Add/Drop/Swap regular fall semester courses 
9.12.18Last day to change grading basis for fall semester courses
9.14.18Degree application deadline for December 2018 graduates**
9.19.18Fall 2018 Date of Record
10.8 - 10.9.18Fall break (no classes)
10.10 -10.26.18Spring 2019 pre-registration advising period
10.30 - 11.4.18Spring 2019 pre-registration
11.22 - 11.23.18Thanksgiving break (no classes)
11.26.18Spring 2019 Add/Drop/Swap (open registration) begins
12.1.18Spring 2019 cross-registration application deadline
12.11.18Last day of classes
12.11.18Last day to request a withdrawal
12.11.18Last day to request an incomplete from course instructor
12.12.18Reading period
12.13 - 12.18.18Final exams
12.18.18Last day to request an exceptional incomplete from the Academic Dean
12.19.18Grades due @ Noon
12.20.18Academic Review Board meets

*Not open to degree students entering the program for the first time in Fall 2018.

**Late applications require payment of a $25 late application fee.

DateEvent or Deadline
1.2 - 1.11.19January Term
1.2.19Last day to request a withdrawal from a January-term class
1.14.19First day of classes
1.15.19Spring Convocation
1.21.19Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (no classes)
1.21.19Last day to Add/Drop/Swap regular spring semester courses
1.28.19Last day to change grading basis for spring semester courses
2.6.19Spring 2019 Date of Record
2.8.19Degree application deadline for May 2019 graduates*
2.10.19Summer 2019 registration opens
3.11 - 3.15.19Spring Break (no classes)
3.18 - 3.29.19Fall 2019 pre-registration advising period
4.1.19Summer 2019 cross-registration application deadline
4.9- 4.14.19Fall 2019 pre-registration
4.11.19Honors Day Convocation
4.19.19Good Friday (no classes)
4.29.19Fall 2019 Add/Drop/Swap (open registration) begins
4.29.19Last day of classes
4.29.19Last day to request a withdrawal
4.29.19Last day to request an incomplete from course instructor
4.30 - 5.2.19Reading period
5.3 - 5.8.19Final exams
5.8.19Last day to request an Exceptional Incomplete from the Academic Dean
5.9.19Senior grades due @ Noon
5.13.19Non-senior grades due
5.15.19Academic Review Board meets

*Late applications require payment of a $25 late application fee.

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