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Candler Staff Alphabetical Directory


Beard, Brady

Email: brady.beard@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1218

Bogue, Sarah

Email: sbogue@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2824

Bond, Whitney

Email: whitney.bond@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6226

Boyles, Andy

Email: aboyles@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6561

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Cameron, Alice

Email: alice.cameron@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.8860

Campbell, Letitia

Email: letitia.campbell@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3704

Cargle-Thompson, Ashly

Email: acargle@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4403

Carlson, Sarah

Email: sarah.carlson@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3594

Cromwell, Lori

Email: lcromwe@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6321

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Ferer, Claire

Email: claire.frost@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6352

Fyfe, Jenka

Email: jfyfe@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6154

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Garner Shannon, Kelly

Email: kelly.shannon@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.0792

Golden, Chrystal

Email: clgolde@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3324

Green, Yasmine

Email: yxgreen@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1237

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Hanna, Laurel

Email: cstcommunications@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4481

Hart, Shelly

Email: shelly.hart@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6480

Henderson-Brooks, Allison

Email: amhend5@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4143

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Kegley, Sarah

Email: sarah.n.kegley@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1062

Kelley, Wendy

Email: wendy.kelley@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6835

King, Me'Ashia

Email: me'ashia.king@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6324

Kravako, Richard

Email: rkravak@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1276

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Madera, Debra

Email: dmadera@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1223

Martinez, Samuel

Email: samuel.j.martinez@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6326

McGhee, Myron

Email: libmbm@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2652

McKlin, Sara

Email: sara.mcklin@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6325

McLean, Anne Marie

Email: anne.marie.mclean@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.5094

McShane, Ann

Email: ann.catherine.mcshane@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.3677

Michael, Brinna

Email: bamicha@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1220

Middleton, Kailyn

Email: kailyn.middleton@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1048

Miller, Elizabeth

Email: elizabeth.miller@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.5535

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Nega, Fesseha

Email: fnega@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.5934

Newsome, Don

Email: dnewsom@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.0730

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Peterson, John

Email: jdpete2@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2983

Pollette, Robyn

Email: robyn.pollette@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.2457

Priniski, Mary

Email: mprinis@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.8860

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Roberts, Spencer

Email: swroberts@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1224

Russell, Caitlin

Email: caitlin.russell@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4058

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Samuels, Quentin

Email: qsamuel@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6987

Shepard, Ellen

Email: seshepa@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4158

Siedlecki, Armin

Email: asiedle@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.5088

Smith, Ayanna

Email: assmit4@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6327

Stone, Lisa

Email: lisa.stone@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4212

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Tarkington, Alice

Email: alice.tarkington@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.9142

Taylor, Stanley

Email: stanley.taylor@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.6712

Thomas, Devon

Email: devon.richard.thomas@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.1663

Toussaint, Carmen

Email: carmen.toussaint@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4178

Turner, Audrey

Email: apturne@emory.edu

Telephone: 404.727.4242

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